30 of the top infographics from /r/coolguides for you to favorget.

Marginal Tax

How to resist

Core demands of Hong Kong Protesters

How to email well

I can spend ages looking at this

Simple guide to staying healthy

This might help y’all.

Apples on a scale from most tart to most sweet

Amazon’s guide to conquer the world

How to survive a plunge from a waterfall. By artofmanliness.

What to Do When Your Car Is Stranded In the Snow

Biking or running in the dark? Here’s how the drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.

This is pretty cool from Visual Capitalist! The biggest employer in each state of the USA.

Give it a try

Plaid patterns

And this is how gerrymandering works

A rough estimate of wealth distribution

Seizure awareness guide

How to turn down an invite.

Yogurts of the world.

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