The 25 Best Cozy Places

Who has this cozy feeling? ❄️

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Even though the homes look great, no doubt

This is my parents’ living room; I’ve loved every Christmas in this room. This was my view at 4:00 am every Christmas.

It’s not much, but it’s mine. After 18 years in an abusive marriage, another 9 years of living with black mold, water leaks and being too broke to have the heat on, this is heaven.

i live in a semi truck! it’s not the most traditional cozy place, but it makes me happy.

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I was embarrassed to say I lived in a trailer but I made it my own.

My son asked me to “cozy” up his basement bedroom before he comes home for Thanksgiving. Did I deliver?

A little village in the Faroe Islands

House vs Home

My wife built this. I just carried everything. I love her.

Depression had me living in a dump and not taking care of myself for months. Recently I moved into my first ever bachelorette pad! I’m engaging in some great habits, cleaning every day and lots of warm baths. Im feeling happier and healthier then ever!

This transparent tent with a sunset view of Mount Rainier

My front porch for Halloween 🎃

Wedding Reception in Washington

My House, built in 1930, Pennsylvania.

Built a tiny pub in my shed, first time doing carpenter work without the help from my grandpa. I am actually proud.

This little café in Berlin

Lovely kitchen

in Austria

A house coated in maple leaves


Shared Student Accomodation

A cozy island in Finland

My back porch this morning while it was snowing.

This street in I


We’ve got it al

l here folks

Villa Chameleon

Rooftop in NYC 😍

Winter in Trabzon

The natural light in my bedroom