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80% of deaths of children under age five are preventable.

Ikigai: The Japanese Concept Of Finding Purpose In Life

Capabilities of the US Navy Hospital Ships in New York & Los Angeles

20 cognitive biases that affect your decisions


[OC] I proved Elastigirl is more thicc in Incredibles 2

Difference between service, therapy, and emotional support dogs

How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart

 “5 Freelancers That Are Changing the World of Work” by LinkedIn

Expand Support Beyond Customer Service” by Zendesk

“How to Orchestrate a Solid ABM Team” by Marketo

“These Days in Baseball, Every Batter Is Trying to Find an Angle” by The Washington Post

Turn on the Customer Experience Channel” by Zendesk

“Are You SLAcking Off?” by Incapsula

Don’t Buy Into These Homebuying Myths” by Realtor.com

“Virtual Reality: A Fresh Perspective for Marketers” by Marketo

“Nuclear Slowdown” by Valerio Pellegrini, Wired UK


Items of Interest” by Paul Button


“Surfing in Italy” by Michela Lazzaroni, Stefania Guerra


“Basics of Early Childhood Development” by Nerdcore Medical


 “Diamonds Are Forever” by Valerio Pellegrini


 “Who is Your President?” by La Lettura Corriere della Sera


 “The Titanic, Facts and Numbers” by Sara Piccolomini


“120 Tastes from Indian States” by Rachita Agarwal


 “Emissions Change Starts at the Top” by Nick Rapp


“The International Space Station – The First 50 Expeditions” by James Round


“The Polarization Of Red And Blue States From McGovern To Trump” by FiveThirtyEight


“The World’s Most Dangerous Cities” by Economist


 “The Wall: A Threat to the Environment” by Sofia Guajardo


“Beautiful Trash” by Jeffrey Shaffer


Death in the Air: Air Pollution Costs Money and Lives” by World Bank Group


 “The Safest Cars of the Last Eleven Years” by Marco Giannini


“Which UK Workers Are Most at Risk of Being Replaced by Robots?” by Filippo Mastroianni


 “The President of the United States – Exploring 228 years of the Commander-in-Chief” by James Round


“There’s Big Money to be Made in Asteroid Mining” by Valerio Pellegrini, Wired UK


 “Sound as Color” by Ronnie Pence


 “The Discworld, Visualised” by Emma Cosh


 “Star Trek Duty Roster” by Dave Columbus


 “This Chart Contains a Few Hidden Surprises About the World Economy” by Howmuch


 “Triple Play Art” by Tresta Inc.


 “Biodiversity in Professional Sports” by Shawn Levin


 “1440 Minutes of Data” by Muskeen Liddar


Why Are So Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.?” by Nadieh Bremer, Zan Armstrong & Jennifer Christiansen


“100 Days of Summer – Plants in Finland” by Thuy Ngo


The New Top 10 Furnace Cities in China” by Yan Lu


“A Visual History of Formula One” by Sports Chord


“The Colours of Vincent Van Gogh” by Ravi Mistry


Flowchart Infographic Design Examples

These flowcharts take infographic design to the next level. Their complexity (yet clarity) is something to aspire to, whether it’s diving into Game of Thrones or the transportation industry.

“This Is the Tangled Future of Tech and Transportation” by Business Insider


 “Alt Music History” by Dorothy Studio, Wired


 “Unraveling Death in Game of Thrones” by Heather Jones, Time


Illustration Infographic Design Examples

Illustration is a standard tool in infographic design, but creative infographic designers take it to the next level. From creative characters to clever themes, these illustrated infographics use design to enhance the story and make it more engaging. (Whether it’s illustration or data visualization, make sure to avoid these 8 visual communication mistakes.) 

Mini Infographics” by Vite Vu Bien Vu


 “The Psychology of the Perfect Marketing Video” by Explainify


“Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes” by SEO1Click


 “Herbal Medicine” by Shijie Chen, Wantao Yu, Nanjing University of Art

47-best infographic design 2017-page-001

How to Shop with Your Heart” by ASPCA

48-best infographic design 2017-page-001

Secure Your Data from the Inside Out” by Imperva

49-best infographic design 2017-page-001

The (Exercise) Science of Injury Recovery” by Concordia University

50-best infographic design 2017

 “Veganismo” by Saioa Perona, Bau Design College of Barcelona

51-best infographic design 2017

“Infographic of the Quran” by Izzat Haikal

52-best infographic design 2017

“Chat Systems” by Randall Munroe, XKCD

53-best infographic design 2017

“Iconic Movie Weapons” by MDB


“Infographic of Plants” by Nanjing University of the Arts, Zhang Biqi

55-best infographic design 2017

“Facing the Paradigm Shift – Siemens Healthcare” by Persuaid

56-best infographic design 2017

 “PhillyRow: Anatomy of a Rowhouse” by PhillyRow

57-best infographic design 2017

“Beyond Turkey and Food Comas” by Under Armour

58-best infographic design 2017

 “Super Software Defeats Manual Mayhem” by Skedulo

59-best infographic design 2017

 “Hunger Games” by Course Hero

60-best infographic design 2017

The AI-Empowered Marketer” by Marketo

61-best infographic design 2017-page-001

 “Longboard Facts” by Paula Terra Bosch

62-best infographic design 2017

Map Infographic Design Examples

Maps don’t have to be boring, as these examples prove. No matter the subject, the right design can make a map so beautiful you’d be tempted to put it on your wall.

“Women Farmers in the Loneliness of Onion Fields” by Agnès Stienne, VisionsCarto

63-best infographic design 2017

 “The Invisible Forest” by Alessandro Zotta, Politecnico di Milano

64-best infographic design 2017

“The State of the Nation” by Adam Sharratt

65-best infographic design 2017

“Map of Computer Science” by Dominic Walliman

66-best infographic design 2017

“Bears of Finland” by Annukka Mäkijärvi

67-best infographic design 2017

 “Deportations from the US” by South China Morning Post

68-best infographic design 2017

“The Goddesses of Venus” by Eleanor Lutz

69-best infographic design 2017

Those Who Did Not Cross” by Levi Westerveld

70-best infographic design 2017

“On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters” by Density Design Lab

71-best infographic design 2017

 “The Tallest Buildings in the U.S.” by Marco Giannini

72-best infographic design 2017

 “World Song Map” by Dorothy Studio

73-best infographic design 2017

Photo Infographic Design Examples

Photography can be a great tool when it comes to infographic design. Although it isn’t used as much as other styles, it is quite effective to add personality to a piece.

See Who’s on Bing” by Microsoft

74-best infographic design 2017

 “World Cocoa Markets Made of Chocolate” by Pierre Carrey and BiG

75-best infographic design 2017

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